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known for our best quality jute rugs in this we will be sharing with you everything you need to know about the manufacturing of jute rugs. As a jute rug manufacturing company, we are excited to share with you the intricate process of creating our beautiful and sustainable rugs.

Process Of

Manufacturing of jute products

Jute is a natural fibre that is extracted from the stem of the jute plant. It is a durable and strong material that has been used for centuries to create various products including rugs, bags, and clothing.

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  • Raw Material Selection: The first step in manufacturing jute rugs is selecting the raw material. At our company, we source jute fibres from reliable suppliers who provide us with high-quality raw jute. We carefully inspect the fibres to ensure they meet our quality standards before sending them to the next stage.
  • Cleaning and Spinning: The next stage involves cleaning the jute fibres to remove any impurities and spinning them into yarn. This process is carried out using machines that are operated by skilled staff. The machines are designed to clean and spin the fibres to produce uniform yarn that is ready for weaving.
  • Weaving: Once the yarn is ready, it is sent to the weaving department where skilled weavers create beautiful designs using traditional hand-looms. Our weavers have years of experience and are able to create intricate patterns and designs that give our rugs a unique and attractive look.
  • Dyeing: After the rugs have been woven, they are sent to the dyeing department where they are dyed using eco-friendly and non-toxic dyes. Our dyeing process is carefully monitored to ensure that the colours are consistent and do not fade over time.
  • Finishing: The final stage involves finishing the rugs to give them a polished and professional look. This includes trimming any loose threads, adding fringes, and applying a non-slip backing. After all the processing our customers can

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Machinery Used In

Manufacturing of jute products

As a jute rug manufacturing company and

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, we use various types of machinery to carry out different operations involved in the production process. Here are some of the key machines we use:
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  • Jute Spinning Machine: This machine is used to spin the jute fibres into yarn. It is equipped with rollers and spindles that spin the fibres into uniform and strong yarn. The machine can be adjusted to produce different thicknesses of yarn.
  • Hand-Looms: Hand-loom is a traditional weaving machine that our weavers use to create unique and intricate patterns on our jute rugs. The loom consists of a frame, a shuttle, and a reed. The weaver uses pedals to control the movement of the shuttle, which passes the weft yarn through the warp yarn to create the desired design.
  • Dyeing Machine: We use a dyeing machine to dye our jute rugs with eco-friendly and non-toxic dyes. The machine is equipped with tanks that hold the dye and rollers that evenly distribute the dye onto the rugs..
  • Cutting Machine: This machine is used to cut the rugs to the desired size and shape. It has a sharp blade that cuts through the fibres cleanly and precisely, ensuring that the edges are straight and neat.
  • Backing Machine: We use a backing machine to apply a non-slip backing to our jute rugs. The machine sprays a layer of latex on the back of the rug, which dries quickly to create a non-slip surface that helps to keep the rug in place.

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