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Jaipur, the capital of Rajasthan, is also considered the state’s cultural and shopping center. Markets, palaces, and ancient monuments are full of attractions. The Chouhan Rugs provides full of unique old and recent shopping items, especially Jaipur handmade items. Jaipur’s finest handicrafts represent the true culture of the city. These crafts are primarily influenced by the royal era and are known for their unique designs. This is a list of traditional Jaipur handicrafts that will captivate everyone.

Rajasthani doll

Jaipur handicrafts

You may have heard a lot about Rajasthan’s puppet show. These are the cheapest souvenirs to carry. The decorations of this house are reminiscent of a brave king and a beautiful queen of the city. The charming dolls are made of painted wooden heads and covered with old clothes with sequins and dresses made from the rags stuffed in them. The doll has a unique style because it wears traditional Rajasthan costumes. Their unique features include painted eyes and facial expressions, arched eyebrows, mustaches for men, and nose piercings for women. Yes, these are the hallmarks of Rajasthan’s culture and heritage.

Jaipur Razai

Jaipur handicrafts

Chouhan Rugs is famous for its cozy, comfortable, and featherweight quilts called Jaipuri Razai. These are great takeaways for cities with cold climates. These quilts are lightweight and warm to the core, so don’t underestimate them. Tourists often buy these feather-light quilts every time they visit Jaipur. These quilts are not as boring as other quilts. They are available in a variety of beautiful designs and prints of cotton, silk, and velvet materials.

Embroidery Umbrella

Jaipur Handicrafts

A beautiful multicolored, vibrant umbrella is a unique specialty of Jaipur that you won’t find anywhere else. These mirror work and embroidered umbrellas are top pickups for home decor. These are also used at weddings. Not only this, but it also provides safety from the sun. These handmade umbrellas are available in many ethnic designs and colors that will catch your attention with just a glimpse of them.

Dyeing device

Chouhan Rugs dyers are at the top of the list of souvenirs. From pots, plates, and tiles to exhibits and boxes, all blue pottery is worth it. These are of Turkish Persian origin and are a major attraction for international and domestic shoppers. Jaipur’s blue-glossed traditional handicrafts look extraordinary and impress you with their incredible design. These are available in green, yellow, and blue colors.

Marble items

Jaipur Marble Murti

Marble carving is the specialty of Rajasthan craftsmen. Jaipur is renowned for creating intricate designs and ethnic artwork from stone. Engraved marble sculptures, statues, stone crafts, and religious idols are popular in Jaipur. These exhibits can prove to be a great decoration for your home. You can see unique stone carvings in various palaces, haveli, and ordinary houses. Marble items, especially decorative plates decorated with Kendang works, are a popular Jaipur handicraft that has surprised many tourists.