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Doors And Wall Hanging

Doors and wall hanging are usually found in all homes, as they are said to improve the appearance of home doors and hallways. Door and Wall Hangings are also known as Toran or Bandarwar. In the Hindu design structure, it is said that the hanging door is a gateway that owns three lintels in two stanchions. These suspensions have been a trend for many years now.

At Chouhan Rugs, Mina Bandarwar and Sir Ganesha, Gold Plated Bandarwar and   Ganesha, Metal Road Ganesha and Kalash Door and Wall Hanging, Decorative Beads Colorful Bandarwalda Hanging, Elephant and Beaded Colorful Bandarwalda Hanging, Shubh- You can find the Door and Wall Hangings. Kalash Decorative Bandar Waldoa Hanging Lab, Handmade Rajasthan Camel Door and Wall Hanging Set 2, Aum Mirror Work Door and Wall Hanging Metal Tapestry Artificial Bead Set 2, Decorative Ganesh Door and Wall Hanging Set 4, Main Ganesha Door and Wall Hanging Combo, Colorful Bandar Waldoa Combo Hanging and Road Ganesha Jewel Wall Hanging, Papier-Mache Colorful Bandar Waldoa Hanging, Handmade Decorative Wall Hanging Bell, Door and Wall Hanging Bell, Window Hanging Bell and many more. These doors hanging on the Chouhan Rugs come in a variety of colors and prints to choose from. The cleaning procedure is very simple as you only need to wipe off the dirt with a clean, dry cotton cloth.

Strengthen your home/office doors during the festive season and bring good luck to your home with our auspicious and elegant Door and Wall Hangings. Bandarwals or Door and Wall Hangings can be attached to the door and can be used for many events such as pujas, festivals, housewarmings, events and more. It is handcrafted by Chouhan Rugs artisans using traditional methods to reveal a creative glow. Decorate your home and office with our Door and Wall Hangings that will surely please your guests. It also serves as a great gift, especially around religious events and festivals.